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Nexi and Shopify, the ideal partnership for e-commerce.

XPay is Nexi payment gateway for e-commerce; Shopify is the most globally used e-commerce platform with more than 800 thousand merchants in the world.

Their natural union is the result of a partnership that will allow Italian merchants to create their own e-store with Shopify and meantime accept payments thanks to Nexi solution.

In an easy, fast, safe way.


News from PSD2

PSD2 - Payment Services Directive 2 – is the European Union directive with the purpose of increasing data protection and safety in digital payments, improving at the same time customers’ user experience.

One of the most important requirements introduced by PSD2, starting in September 14th, is the application of new procedures of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

SCA requires that user is identified through at least two of the following elements:

  • Something only user knows (e.g. a password)
  • Something only user has (e.g. a smartphone)
  • Something only user “is” (e.g. biomethrical detection like fingerprint)

Nexi is adapting its procedures in compliance with PSD2 regulations.

Instant Payments: Nexi integrates its platform with TIPS. It is the first in Italy.

Nexi, the PayTech of the banksleader in digital payments in Italy, is the first to integrate its instant transfer platform with TIPS (Target Instant Payment Settlement), the new pan-European settlement service for instant payments managed by the European Central Bank for the Eurozone. 

The integration of TIPS, now in production, will allow banks that choose the Nexi Instant Payments platform to connect with zero impact to credit institutions in34 countries in the SEPA area and, therefore, to offer their customers the opportunity to exchange instant transfers with European banks, through the new system solution. 

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