Nexi credit cards

A simple gesture pays

Pay in any shop, wherever you are, completely securely. Nexi credit cards have contactless technology, they work on the international VISA or Mastercard circuits, and they provide up to 45 days credit without interest.

Credit cards

Nexi Card

Carta di credito Nexi Classic

The most widely used contactless personal credit card in Italy. Convenient, reliable and suitable for even the smallest purchases.

Nexi Gold

Carta di credito Nexi Gold

The gold Card with a credit limit of € 3,000 a month, 24-hour support and exclusive services and benefits.

Nexi Platinum

Carta di credito Nexi Platinum

The prestigious credit card with a minimum credit limit of € 10,000 per month and exclusive privileges for Customers and their families.

Nexi Black

Carta di credito Nexi Black

The most exclusive credit card, reserved for special Customers, with prestigious benefits and excellent dedicated services.

One day you will decide what you want to buy and when you want to pay.
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Nexi credit card benefits

Nexi credit cards are convenient and secure, with a wide range of benefits. Explore them with us.

Nexi credit cards are accepted throughout the world on the international VISA or Mastercard circuits.

You can use them for purchases and payments both in traditional shops and on e-commerce sites.

Easy Shopping is the new functionality of Nexi's Classic, Gold and Platinum credit cards that allows you to decide how to pay your expenses for amounts of 250 euros up, either in one solution or in easy installments.

Nexi corporate credit cards have complete assistance and control anywhere, 24 hours a day, thanks to:

With Nexi credit cards, the cost of purchases will be debited from your current account on the 15th day* of the following month.

 *Different terms can be arranged with your Bank. For further details, contact your Bank.

With Nexi credit cards, you can make contactless payments at numerous points of sale. With a simple gesture: yours. 

Tap your Card on the card reader and in seconds your payment will be authorised.

For payments of € 25 or under, there is no need to sign the receipt. If the amount is more than € 25, you will have to sign the receipt or enter the PIN, as with traditional card readers.

You can report to Nexi Customer Services any transactions on your Card you don't recognise and block any unauthorised charges.

In the event of fraud, you are guaranteed full reimbursement and replacement of the credit card with a duplicate with a different number.

In addition, by activating the Free Text Alert or Nexi Pay App Notification Services, you always keep all charges made with your Card under control and are immediately notified of any transactions not authorised by you.

Subscription to the Text Alert Service or activation of the Nexi Pay Notifications ensure comprehensive protection against fraud and risks that may arise from theft or loss of the Card.

The Nexi monthly statement of account allows you to keep spending under control and provides useful information on the use of the Card and its benefits.

You can choose to receive it by post, and pay the cost, or activate the free online statement service from the Private Customers’ Reserved Area.

#iosi is the exclusive Nexi loyalty programme that adds value to purchases and rewards at each use of the credit card.

With Nexi, paying bills is no longer a problem. You can request the direct debit of utility bills and other regular payments directly from your credit card. Nexi will pay your bills by direct debit when they are due without you having to remember every time.

With Nexi, you can top-up the credit online on your mobile or smartphone from the Private Customers’ Reserved Area.

With Nexi, you can have an additional or family credit card

You can request an additional Card on the other international circuit (Mastercard if you already have Visa and vice versa), thereby increasing payment acceptance around the world.

You can have a family Card for one or more adult members of the family. More Cards in the family means better control of spending, thanks in part to the issuing of one statement of account per household.

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