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Nexi Cards simplify payments, making them faster and more secure.
Discover the benefits and services that turn shopping into a smart experience.

Your winning Cards

Would you be interested in using your smartphone to pay for a cup of coffee or would you prefer the security of a traditional Card? Whatever your need, wherever you go, Nexi helps you by providing the best payment solution.

Nexi Credit Cards

Are you looking for the best shopping experience? Nexi credit cards are the ideal solution. Convenient and easy to use, with contactless technology to pay with a simple gesture, in a moment or two.

Nexi Debit Cards

For those who would like a practical and convenient solution, you can withdraw money and pay (even online) by using debit cards. Another benefit is that the amount is immediately charged to your checking account and the cards can even use contactless technology.

Nexi Prepaid Cards

For those who prefer flexible solutions, prepaid Nexi cards may be topped up with the desired amount and used at all retailers both in Italy and abroad (even with e-commerce websites) – while keeping expenses always under control.

Nexi Pay

Pay with a simple gesture

With the Nexi Pay App you can pay online and in store using your smartphone.

Nexi Pay App

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To better manage your Card.

Payment solutions

For telephone top-ups and direct debits. 

Protection and security

For peace of mind with all your payments.

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