At the forefront of innovation

Nexi manages the complexities required for the digital transformation of Banks, pointing them towards innovative, reliable and secure payment solutions. This is possible thanks to significant and continuous investments in technology that enable to follow the entire process on behalf of Nexi's partners: from development of the ideas, to processing and specific payment functionalities for each Bank. 150 Banks and a single goal: to make digital payments a daily gesture.

Card issue: to each his own

Nexi provides Banks with a wide range of e-money and customer engagement services to satisfy every specific need and counterparty. Advanced products and services and an increasingly comprehensive and simple payment experience. Every time the best response to continuously listening to the market.

Payment card issue and management of
Card payment acceptance

Card acceptance: an open circuit of advantages

Nexi offers Banks an acquiring service that allows Merchants to accept the payments of millions of Italian and foreign Customers, holders of payment cards issued by major international circuits. From analysis and preparation of the product and service portfolio to technical implementation, processing services and engagement programs.

Payment Services
Change is in circulation

Choosing Nexi means relying on an experienced and trusted partner to fully manage the entire payment value chain: from clearing and settlement services, to receipts and payments management, from back office activities to AgID (Agency for a Digital Italy) services.

ATM management
The best solutions at your fingertips

Nexi is close to Banks in the development of the ATM channel, in order to make it one of the key touchpoints in the relationship with Customers. Cost effectiveness, reliability and certification of components and efficiency of operational functions define the collaboration relationship with Credit Institutions.

Digital Corporate Banking
Complexity becomes easy

Nexi has implemented an omnichannel platform, developed to improve the user experience of the various customer targets (corporate, large corporate, small business) to the utmost and rationalise, through a single front-end, all the application solutions used by Banks to provide services. Nexi's Digital Corporate Banking solution integrates all the CBI services for which Nexi is market leader.

Marco Ferrero – Nexi Salesperson
Marco Ferrero – Nexi Salesperson

"We are at the side of all Partner Banks, every day, to serve their Customers together, innovate the e-money and payments market and sustain continued growth with higher value for all".