One day you will have a POS like you've never seen before.

That day is today.

One day you will decide when to pay.

That day is today.

Nexi Black

Your exclusive card

One day an App will change your idea of payment cards.
That day is today.

Nexi Pay is the free App designed to control your credit card, enrich it with services and let you pay with the smartphone.

Nexi Pay
Nexi Business

One day managing your business will be as easy as using a smartphone

That day is today.

Nexi Business is the App rich of services made for an easy management of your daily business.

Be in with the chance to win a trip when you pay with Nexi Visa.



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Credit card activation service is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days per year


Nexi offer

At Nexi, together with our Partner Banks, we always seek to provide only the best payment solutions.  

You can accept all types of payments with Nexi and our Partner Banks.
Our solutions for Digital Corporate Banking, credit and debit cards help Companies to manage all payments and business transactions  

Our offer includes solutions to support Public Administration in the management of digital transactions for cash payments from their Customers.


We are there alongside Italian Banks in managing the offer of Cards, mobile payments, acceptance systems, ATMs, interbank Corporate Banking.

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Need help?